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Tout la France dit Hema Hema

HEMA France asked us to come up with a viral way to increase traffic and ... This way everyone contributed to our ultimate goal: TOUTE LA FRANCE DIT HEMA!


HEMA France / Webshop launch

How do you launch a webshop for HEMA in France, if the French can't even pronounce the brand name HEMA correctly?


We decided to teach the French to pronounce the H in a fun and playful way. Using sophisticated voice recognition software, visitors could try to pronounce HEMA in their webcams. If they succeeded, the would win a €5 voucher for the new webshop. The campaign was called 'Toute la France dit HEMA' (The whole of France says HEMA).


To help them out, we created an instruction video (the one at the top). Of course we had to say 'bonjour' first, so we kicked things off with an introduction video about HEMA France (the one in the middle).


Below, you can see what the application looked like.

Case film


Tutorial Video

Client: Hema France

Company: CCCP

My role: Creative

Collaborations: Rogier Cornelisse, Paul de Haas
Director/Animator: Tjeerd Braat
Sound Design: REDLINE

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