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Paul van Raak

Creative director Europe

Leading the way in 

creative initiatives, 

concepts, design teams

and technology 

..and putting love and energy in photography, drawing, the fight for more diversity, my caravan, sports, ice skating, honest people, positivity, and life in general.


Creative direction  Competency lead 

Art direction Team Lead 

 Advertising Marketing Digital design

Branding Photography 

Creative Initiatives Entrepreneur

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Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 8.43.46 PM.png

In short


In creative processes the best work is created through a collective realization that others always improve and enrich the work.. Being surrounded with the right people and facilitating a clear creative direction has always got the best out of my work and the work of the team.


I have been able to keep this believe because of the privilege to work with the best skilled and the nicest people in the field of advertising, branding and product design. 


In organizations I like to create a blend between different expertises like visual design, UX, motion design and writers, analysts, developers, and data scientists. Working closely with clients and stakeholders to understand an apply meaningful design and technologie. more in About


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