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Ila Bank Bank ABC

Creating the new standard for Fintech in the Middle East

Bank ABC, Middle East North Africa's (MENA's) leading international bank headquartered in Bahrain, saw the need to give the vast population of younger, tech-savvy consumers in the region an easier way to manage their finances. Their idea was to create the first entirely new, fully-digital banking solution. This bold move marks a major digital advance for the Middle East.

Case film

'ila' is Arabic for the word 'to'. Indicative of the bank's objective to propel its customers from where they are 'to' where they aspire to be.

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We launched in Nov. 2019 with these fin-tech achievements


Full digital onboarding


For the Arab region a big change; a completely digital onboarding within minutes with just two forms of ID and a selfie.



virtual card

Users are issued a virtual debit card as soon as they onboard for immediate use for online transactions.


Fund the way you want


Also new: flexible funding options including in-app integration with the country's leading payment channel.


Multiple foreign currency accounts


Foreign currencies available in one account is available from day one. Something new for Bahrain customers.

The launch in a blink 

Finally, on the 24th of November 2019, we launched the first mobile-only lifestyle bank in the region. An amazing event where everything was orchestrated for our international audience to fully experience our brand new bank.

This was only the start

All of these features will change the way young people in Bahrain experience banking. ila endeavors to redefine the banking experience first in Bahrain, and in its next phase, for the 100+ million millennials and tech-forward consumers across the MENA region. Our journey with ila is just beginning. Promising new functionalities are in development.

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