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Amsterdam based Creative director Paul van Raak once started as a traditional graphic design for small brands but quickly stepped into the world of advertising in 2008. Various local and international agencies and a variety of campaigns brought him to a roll as Senior Art Director before moving to product design.


Over the years there has always been a good balance in clear concepts, strong design, the love for craft and interaction with the user. In the various teams where Paul brought his art direction, he tried to find an optimistic and good dynamic between everyone involved.  Agencies such as Havas worldwide, Being There and DDB Eigen Fabrikaat were part of journey.


After more than 10 advertising years Paul switched from adverting to product design by joining Mobiquity in 2018. He felt this switch was necessary in order to be able to make creative work with a broader vision. At Mobiquity he started a leading creative role within the design department with a clear focus on high quality content, positive energy, discipline, empathy and hard work.

Paul has a broader responsibility then just creative direction, marketing and design. With a small team he is responsible for the creative vision and strategy of the design department, the careers of the team members, competence responsibilities and hiring the right people who match the companies culture. Maintaining a structure within an exploding growing company is what pleases the other half of his brain. The combination of advertising, human centric product design and leading a department brought him a different way of developing concepts, design thinking, execution and entrepreneurship.


In addition, Paul believes that work / life balance must also remain

in sync. Shooting photo's, creating illustration and the interest in

art and dance must be the counterpart of the work-related

creative output.

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Based in

Amsterdam ,  Netherlands

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